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For consumers that have taken the big step of owning a vehicle, it is understood that this investment requires ongoing maintenance. This maintenance should be performed periodically, allowing for overall protection of the vehicle's reliability, durability, and efficiency. Oil changes and tire rotations are essential, but there are important maintenance items that focus on the exterior and interior of a vehicle as well. ZAK makes products that will minimize the amount of wear and tear that occurs in a car. Their products have been used with great success for many years, by many dealerships and vehicle owners.

The ZAK Protection Promise

After investing in a new vehicle, not many people want to spend a ton of money on products to protect the interior and exterior. ZAK has attempted to create high-quality products that won't cost an arm and a leg, still providing exceptional results. Different formulations have been created for things like your vehicle's brakes, fuel system, diesel system, transmission, power steering, cooling system, battery, and HVAC system. Exterior products include their Headlight Restoration Kit, Maximum Tire Shine, and Maximum Suds Car Wash. The ZAK Ultimate Appearance Protection Package has been created to keep the exterior of your vehicle looking shiny and new, like the day you brought it home from the dealership.

There are many different environmental concerns and road risks that can affect your vehicle. This includes everything from inclement weather to construction debris. Making sure that your vehicle has a little bit of added protection can make a big difference in how long you preserve its quality. You can reduce the risk that comes from UV exposure, road salt, and harsh soaps. Interior products will keep your seats, floors, and dashboard looking pristine.

ZAK Fluids

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Why Choose ZAK?

All products that are part of the ZAK lineup have been created with quality in mind. Cleaning and lubricating various portions of your vehicle with exceptional-grade products will allow everything to be protected longer. While it might seem that you're spending a little bit more money on ZAK products, the difference will help you save money in the long run.

ZAK products are available at our Lincoln location. If you're concerned with the type of products that you need for your vehicle or the quality, stop down or give us a call to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members. We're happy to help you get on the right maintenance plan that will provide protection to your vehicle.

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