Chevy Tire Service Facts

Are your Chevy tires in need of repair or replacement? Find out inside our tire shop's video!

Your new car looks great on the road---keep it there by receiving routine tire care at our Lincoln tire shop! From rotations and wheel alignment checks to tire repair and replacement, we handle all aspects of tire maintenance so you can continue to turn heads in your Chevy.

Learn more about the importance of taking care of your tires below. If your vehicle is due for service, you can make an appointment with us online now!

Tire Rotations Are Fundamental

Tire rotations are key to getting the best possible performance from your tires and preventing uneven or incorrect tire wear from shortening their life. In fact, not receiving this service can take thousands of miles off of your tires' lifespan!

Chevy recommends that you schedule this vital service every 7,500 miles. During a tire rotation, one of our technicians will move your tires based on the appropriate rotation pattern and ensure they are balanced correctly.

Service Technician Removing Wheel

Don't Skip These Aspects of Tire Care Either

There are several other measures you can take to ensure your tires last as long as possible:

  • Check tire pressure at least once a month
    It's normal for your tires to lose PSI over time due to driving and weather conditions. However, driving on underinflated tires can negatively affect performance and fuel economy, not to mention put you in danger of a blowout. If you are unsure how to check air pressure, bring your vehicle to a tire shop near me and we'll be happy to assist!
  • Yearly wheel alignment checks are recommended
    Misaligned wheels can cause a plethora of problems, from uneven tire wear to serious suspension damage. If you notice problems like vehicle pulling or an off-center steering wheel, make an appointment for an alignment check right away!
  • Take the paved roads
    Sometimes driving on rough or weathered roads is inevitable. However, whenever possible, it's a good precaution to avoid them. Potholes, cracks and other road conditions can damage your sidewalls and cause your wheels to become misaligned.
  • Drive safely
    Speeding, hard braking and other bad driving habits can also take a toll on your tires. In fact, driving fast can cause them to overheat and blowout.

How to Tell When It's Time for New Tires

If you think your tires' tread looks a little low, the penny test is an easy way to see whether or not you need to replace them. Simply take Lincoln and place him head down in between the tread ribs. If you can see the top of his head, then it's time to visit Husker Chevrolet for new tires in Lincoln.

Another issue that signals your tires may need to be replaced is if the sidewalls are exhibiting signs of damage or an internal air leak, like cracking or bulging. If you are experiencing this issue, refrain from driving on the tires until they are inspected and repaired at our Lincoln tire shop.


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