Chevy Oil Change Service in Lincoln, NE

When to Make an Oil Change Appointment

Video Description: Is it time to schedule an oil change in Lincoln? How often should a vehicle receive oil changes? Discover the answers to these questions and others by watching our handy dandy video.

It's common for drivers to put off getting their oil  changed. However, it's important to know that while engine damage might not be  easy to spot early on, not following the recommended manufacturer schedule for  oil changes does cause early wear to car engines; and eventually, it can lead  to costly expenses that could have been avoided.

If your car or truck is in need of an oil change in  Lincoln, NE, visit Husker Chevrolet and don't forget to bring our oil change  coupon in or have it displayed on your phone when you visit.

How Oil Changes Help Protect Your Car Engine

Oil ChangeOil changes are one of the most important and  cost-effective routine services for cars. They don't cost much,  especially with our Chevrolet oil change coupon, and they help  prevent expensive engine damage. The technicians at our oil change center in  Lincoln, Nebraska, have seen the damage that old oil can do to an engine when  left in a car for too long.

Fresh oil lubricates, cleans and moves heat away from the  combustion area, keeping the engine healthy and running smooth. When that oil,  whether it's conventional or synthetic oil, becomes dirty and low in viscosity,  there's danger of harming the engine. Metal shards, contaminants, heat and  added friction become prevalent, and all wreak havoc on car engines.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change at Husker Chevrolet

Take advantage of our oil change coupon in Lincoln, NE and  save on your next service. Please also view our maintenance  specials page to see additional auto service discounts, including our  synthetic oil change coupon, which is offered seasonally. If you want your car  to live a long life, staying on track with oil changes is one of the foremost  ways to maintain its health. If you need an oil change for your Silverado,  Impala, Cruze, Equinox or other Chevy model, schedule your next oil change  online at Husker Chevrolet and treat your car with the quality service it  deserves.


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