Top Signs You Need a Battery Replacement

Becoming an expert on Chevy battery service is as easy as watching this short video!

There are few things worse than getting in your car after a long day and discovering that the battery is dead. Fortunately, this situation is often preventable, given you take proper care of your battery and pay attention to the signs that it needs to be replaced!

Learn more about battery care below, including when to receive battery service near me and how to tell it's time for a new Chevrolet battery.

How to Care for Your Car Battery

Regular service is key in preserving your car battery life. Our Chevy-certified service technicians are trained to detect problems with your battery, such as low charge or corrosion, and will clean and apply protectant to help prevent future issues.

On top of that, there are several things you can do to help extend the lifespan of your car or truck battery. By receiving routine battery service near me and following these steps, you can expect to get anywhere from three to five years from your new Chevrolet battery:

  • Check to make sure your lights are turned off before you leave the vehicle
  • Unplug phone chargers and adapters when not in use
  • Avoid letting your car sit for long periods of time without use
  • Make longer trips when possible so that the battery can fully recharge
  • Keep your vehicle protected from hot or cold weather
    • In the summer, try to park only in shady or covered spots
    • Store your car in the garage during the winter when not in use
Service Technician Holding a New Battery

Is It Time for a New Battery?

At a certain point, you're car's battery will need to be replaced. While batteries often seem to die out of nowhere, it's more likely that your car will exhibit some sort of warning first. From physical changes to performance-related problems, there are quite a few signs that your car battery is dying.

If you experience any of the following, head to our Chevy dealership right away for battery replacement in Lincoln:

  • Battery light has appeared on the driver information center
  • Engine is slow to turn over, or won't turn over at all
  • Battery requires frequent jump starts and/or won't hold a charge
  • Power accessories, such as the windows, are sluggish
  • Battery appears swollen and exhibits signs of corrosion around the terminals

Where to Purchase a New Car Battery Near Me

Many auto shops in Lincoln can supply you with a new Chevy battery, but few offer the top-notch customer service you'll find here at Husker Chevrolet! In fact, our service technicians are dedicated to helping you find a battery that is not only high-quality, but also the correct size and voltage for your vehicle. We'll even install it for you and ensure that everything works properly before we get you back on the road.

Ready for a battery replacement in Lincoln? Schedule an appointment online with us today or check out this month's service specials for a great deal on your next service.


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