Corvette EV Officially In The Works  

2023 is a big year for the Chevrolet brand. That's when they plan to roll out the fabled Corvette EV, an electric twist on an already historic sports car. GM recently put out the good news to the masses in an announcement that sees an EV model and a hybrid model. For most folks, it's the EV that promises to be the most newsworthy. People are already hungry for news on the Corvette EV.

A Winning Platform from GM

The battery announced for the Corvette EV is called the Ultium battery, and it runs on technology that's exclusive to GM. The released video footage of the model shows a cloaked Corvette, but there's no indication as to what it will really "look" like. We don't see paint. We don't see exact wheels. There is a distinction between the hybrid and electric, though, in that the EV model was shown with yellow calipers.

The pictures of the model show a leather-wrapped and highly sophisticated steering wheel with yellow switching all around prominent areas of the wheel. The footage of the model set waves throughout the industry and a big exclamation of "finally" from Corvette fans. With so many people switching to electric models, it was only natural that one of the world's most famous sports cars would finally get some real shock treatment.

The news on the Corvette EV is fairly scarce right now, with people projecting their own excitement onto the basic news of an EV Corvette. However, we'll be sure to keep fans of the model posted as time goes by. We get news directly from Chevy itself, so you can count on us to let you know when the first images and full videos of the model hit the "newsstands" of the web. This breaking news story is one of the biggest of the year for any automaker and a story we've wanted to hear for a long time. There's not a soul on earth who won't want to at least admire the newest Corvette powertrain from afar. Even if you can't afford it, it's a fun model to learn about.

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