Chevrolet Electric Vehicle Models for 2022  

The world needs a hero, and electric vehicles like the first all-electric Silverado and Chevy Bolt EV are filling in that role with a mighty roar. The inventiveness of Chevrolet engineers is on full display this year with Chevy's all-new electric vehicle lineup. In 2022, this will focus primarily on the Bolt EV and Silverado EV, but there's more on the horizon for the brand in the coming years.

The Bolt EV is a sporty family EV with a 247-mile range for families who crave the beauty of road trips. You can comfortably hop inside your model and enjoy spacious seating and Super Cruise technology on compatible roads. That's hands-off driving for drivers who often have a lot on their mind, even during family vacations. Chevy Safety Assist also comes standard on the Bolt EV. This might just be one of Chevy's nicest family SUVs ever. Add in all-electric capability, and you've got a winning recipe. The Bolt EV grabs 200 horsepower combined, and that's plenty enough to propel your family into the next generation of electric vehicle goodness. We have this one showcased on our new showroom floor if you'd like to be one of the first to see it when it arrives. You can even custom order the model if you'd like to get an early jump on things and make sure it's yours the moment it's in the population.

For truckers, there's the all-electric Silverado, a first for the brand. You won't lose anything from your macho powertrain, just the costly fuel and pit stops. The Silverado RST is a model everyone will want to examine a little more closely. It's LED-lit "grin" just above the grille hints at its electric mentality. Chevy's ultium platform is making waves all throughout the industry this year, as is the software platform that accompanies the truck's power systems. Ultifi is just another big leap forward for a Chevrolet brand that knows the world is finally ready for all-electric pickup trucks like the Silverado. Horsepower for the truck is set to be up to 664 HP.

We invite everyone to check out the Bolt EV and Silverado EV this year at our dealership. You're always just one test drive away from making up your mind about your next powertrain. You won't lose any of the power, but you'll gain all the excitement of knowing you're saving money at the pump and doing the world a big favor at the same time.

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