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Leadership Lincoln Overview

Leadership is an important keyword in communities. When you've got strong leaders, you've got a strong community. That's what Leadership Lincoln - a non-profit organization - believes. And they've had enough success stories to know that what they do is very important to communities in this area. Their events are well-known in the area, and they've got a mission statement that they back up with their programs. It's not enough to just inspire young leaders to begin working toward their goals. They want to "empower" them as well.

What Does Leadership Lincoln Do?

Leadership Lincoln was first incorporated in 1986. While the organization began over 30 years ago, the principles of strong leadership continue to shine through year after year. Leadership Lincoln's goal is to bring young potential leaders together in an environment that keeps them "well-trained, well-informed, and well-connected." Leadership is only valuable if it's the right kind of leadership and the right kind of population benefiting from that leadership.

Both adults and high school-age students benefit from the programs provided by Leadership Lincoln. They have 3,500 people who have participated in one of their cohorts and also graduated. These lessons learned translated into stronger leaders for the Lincoln community. They even work with local businesses who want their employees to participate in these programs and events to become stronger leaders in the workplace.

There are multiple benefits from taking part in Leadership Lincoln, both for adults already on career paths and high school-age students who haven't yet entered the workforce. Whether it's a head start on leadership or a continuing education program for career advancement, it's a program that helps students and professionals alike learn how to more effectively lead and enrich the lives of people in their communities. By continuing education here, people can become more involved in the community and exercise their leadership skills in a way that makes a hands-on difference. The organization continually welcomes new people into its programs, allowing each person to craft an experience that transforms them into a stronger leader.

Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about Leadership Lincoln and how they're helping to inspire the next generation of leaders, you can visit their website for the full program and advocate information. There's a specific area for youth participants.