Pizza Delivery

Chevrolet Now Offers Domino's

Have you ordered pizza in a connected Chevy yet? Via Marketplace, the automotive industry's original in-car commerce portal, Chevrolet now offers Domino's for pick up or delivery.

This feature lets you quickly select a saved or recent order from your online Domino's profile on your connected Chevrolet's MyLink touchscreen. Your order will soon arrive at your profile's delivery address, or you can opt to pick it up at your favorite Domino's location. Unlike other connected-car commerce setups, Chevrolet Marketplace provides the full ordering experience independent of your mobile device.

Chevrolet's Scott Goddard recently stated, "This new in-vehicle solution is a natural collaboration that both Chevy drivers and pizza connoisseurs can enjoy." At Husker Chevrolet, we enjoy this new feature's convenience.

If you drive a Chevrolet with a MyLink interface, you can place Domino's orders through the brand's button on your touchscreen. The system requires initial online setup via the Domino's app or a browser. On your computer or mobile device, you will setup your delivery address, preferred stores, payment method, and Easy Order button's pizza combo. Finally, you will connect your Chevy's Marketplace account to your Domino's profile to enable quick orders while you commute or run errands.

Chris Roeser, Domino's Director of Digital Experience, recently said, “We admire Chevy’s commitment to providing the technology that consumers want the most.” He continued, “Now, Marketplace will provide pizza lovers an easy way to order the pizza they love.”

We love helping local folks discover Chevrolet's connected models, and we welcome any questions you may have about Chevrolet Marketplace. Contact or visit us soon! We'll take a friendly test drive in a connected Chevy.