Smart technology has made our lives easier than ever before. From our phones and tablets, we can do things like pay bills, shop, and make appointments. It's still as important as ever to have routine maintenance and service completed on your vehicle. This is how you ensure that your car is running properly. If you would like to make scheduling your appointments a breeze, you can manage and schedule everything through your MyChevrolet App. It's incredibly easy to use, and very helpful if you own a Chevrolet automobile.

Once you have downloaded the MyChevrolet App and opened it up on your phone or tablet, you will select the little wrench icon that is located on your main screen. You will click on the Vehicle Service option listed here. Clicking Request Appointment on the top of the page will take you to a spot where you can schedule your upcoming appointment. Most phones will ask you if you want to use your current location to make your scheduling process simpler. From the map provided, you'll click on the location that you want to use for your service.

When you hit Schedule Service, you'll need to review all of the personal information that is provided. You can even click on Recommend Services to find out what you should be scheduled for this point in time. More Services and Other Offers are also options. Once you are ready to continue with your scheduling, you will be asked to choose a day and time that is convenient for you. You can even request a courtesy shuttle from the App. When you have reviewed your appointment, you hit the Submit button on the bottom of the screen. Once your vehicle is at the dealership service center, you can use the App to receive updates on where your vehicle is in the process.

If you would like more information on using the MyChevrolet App for your vehicle's service appointments, stop down to Husker Chevrolet. We would be happy to help you make use of this convenient feature. We want to ensure that we help you maintain your vehicle for many years to come. It's incredibly important if you want to protect the investment that you've made.

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