How Often Do You Really Need To Change Your Oil

Checking Oil Levels

Routine maintenance is something that every vehicle needs in order to thrive for years and years. When you make the investment to take on a vehicle, there are things that need to be done routinely. This includes oil changes, tire rotations, air filter changes and more. Most people are aware of the fact that they need to have the oil changed in their car. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be clear advice regarding how often this should be done. Some vehicles may require an oil change once every 3,000 miles. There are other vehicles that can go as long as 10,000 miles between oil changes. These differences have a lot to do with the type of vehicle as well as the oil that is used. Motor oil has come a long way in recent years. It is of a much higher quality now and can remain in a vehicle longer. If you are concerned with how long you should keep your oil in your vehicle before changing it, let us here at Husker Chevrolet explain the process a bit more.

Should I Use Higher Quality Oil?

The frequency of your oil changes has a lot to do with the type of oil that you want to put into your motor. Some brands of oil are tempting because they are really cheap. These cheaper oils don’t provide you with great protection for your engine. They also don’t last very long. A higher quality, synthetic oil can last in your engine for thousands and thousands of miles. When you pick out your oil you will notice the recommendation on the bottle. This recommendation tells you the average length of time or mileage accumulation that you should wait in between oil changes. Also, make sure that you invest in a good quality oil filter to be used during the oil change.

Cleaning the Dipstick

Oil Change Frequency

A vehicle should undergo an oil change approximately once every 7,500 miles or so. Make sure to check your owners manual for a more specific schedule. Some vehicles are quite basic and will benefit from more frequent changes at about 5,000 miles. Vehicles with more advanced engines can last longer. When you invest in a new vehicle there is a time frame of a couple of years that require less frequent oil changes. A brand new engine doesn’t need oil as often. That doesn’t mean you should abuse this information. If your vehicle hasn’t had an oil change in about six months or so, now is the time to make an appointment.

Do Driving Conditions Affect Oil Change Frequency?

Driving in certain weather and road conditions can also affect just how frequently you will need to have an oil change. Dusty, dirty and hot conditions can put a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine. Particles can enter your oil and your engine. If you leave these particles present, this will only lead to prematurely worn down components. Your engine will need more frequent repairs in this situation.

If you are still confused about your vehicle and how often you should have an oil change completed on your vehicle, you can stop down to Husker Chevrolet for more information. We’ll look up the specifics for your vehicle and ask you about your driving history. This will give us a good idea regarding your oil changes moving forward into the future. There will be times that you decide to have an oil change done earlier or later. This is perfectly fine, and we know that you have good judgment when it comes to taking care of your vehicle. We are here to help in any way that we can.

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