Get Your Car Winter Ready

When the colder months arrive, it's important to prep the vehicle to ensure that it's prepared for the low temperatures and icy roads. Here are a few important ways to get your car ready for the winter season to remain safe.

1. Switch to Snow Tires

Adding snow tires during the winter months is necessary to ensure that you have enough traction in wet or icy roads and reduce the risk of sliding. If you have four-wheel-drive, you'll also need to check that the system is working correctly. The system should engage and disengage correctly to ensure that it can be used in different weather conditions. Checking the tire pressure is also essential to improve the traction on the ground and improve your fuel efficiency. The tire pressure is prone to dropping in colder weather conditions and should be checked each week or before long drives. Check your owner's manual to get an idea of what your tire pressure should be for the specific make and model of vehicle that you own. The spare tire should also be checked to ensure that it can work properly if it’s needed.

2. Pack an Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are essential to have on hand to ensure that you can perform the necessary repairs on your car and avoid becoming stranded in ice or snow. You'll need to pack a heavy blanket, extra boots and gloves, a flashlight, windshield wiper fluid, flares, an ice scraper, a tire gauge, tire-changing equipment, paper towels, a first-aid kit, tire chains, a toolkit, jumper cables, and a small shovel. You'll also need to prevent the gas lines from freezing by keeping the gas line full during the colder months. Packing sand or kitty litter can also improve traction if you are stuck in snow or ice.

3. Use the Right Antifreeze Mixture

Get Your Car Winter Ready

It's important to have an anti-freeze mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent coolant in your radiator to prevent it from freezing once the temperatures drop outside. Purchase an antifreeze tester at an auto parts store. If you don't have a 50-50 mixture, you'll need to drain and refill the radiator and dispose of the old mixture properly.

4. Improve Your Visibility

The visibility of your car will determine how safe you stay on the road, making it necessary to replace your windshield wiper blades each year. You can also add extra windshield washer fluid. The heater and defroster also need to be inspected to ensure that they're both working correctly and can prevent ice from forming on the windshield.

5. Have the Battery Checked

You'll also need to have the battery checked to ensure that it doesn't die when you're in the middle of a storm or are away from home. Use professional equipment to test while wearing protective gloves and eyewear. The cables and posts need to be scraped to remove any corrosion that has formed. Avoid removing any of the cables, which can cause important data to be lost on the car.

If you want to learn more about how to prepare your car for the winter season, contact or visit our dealership today. We'll help you to browse our large inventory of vehicles and can also explain our financing options that are available.

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